After Root Canal Treatment

While you are anaesthetized, "frozen", and may not have feeling in the area, please avoid eating or drinking anything hot as you may not feel the heat and may burn yourself.

You may experience some discomfort on the tooth that has been treated. This may last anywhere between 1-2 weeks. Swelling in the affected area may also occur. These are not unusual post-operative events.

Please continue with any medications prescribed, unless instructed otherwise by the doctor. Notify the office of any problems that may arise from medications being taken.

Remember... If you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment, please do not hesitate to contact our office!!!

You may have had a temporary restoration placed in your tooth:

  • If root canal therapy has been initiated you must schedule an additional appointment(s) at our office for completion.
  • If root canal therapy has been completed, you must return to your regular dentist to have the temporary filling replaced. A crown may be recommended. Please avoid pressure or chewing on the tooth (teeth) that has been treated until you have seen your regular dentist for permanent restoration.
  • Please call your dentist as soon as possible after completion of root canal treatment to make an appointment at a time which is convenient for you and your dentist for permanent restoration.

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