Bone Grafts

Bone grafting is the procedure of adding bone to your existing bone structure. Bone grafting is needed when there is a defect in the bone which occurs after long term tooth loss or traumatic tooth loss. At Alliance Dental Specialists we usually perform bone grafts to prepare the jaw bone to accept dental implants or to enhance the support around failing teeth.

Bone grafts may be performed after the extraction of infected teeth in order to preserve the site for future implant placement. There are also times that bone is grafted to offer improved support for dentures.

Bone grafting is a minor surgical procedure where the recipient site is anaesthetized, the gum gently opened up and the bone graft material would be placed underneath the gum. Bone grafting is very predictable over a long period of time in the hands of experienced dental surgeons. Repeating the procedure is very rare.

The graft material can be harvested from various areas:

  • From the mouth, typically at the back of the mouth
  • From the hip area
  • From processed sterile bone material produced by laboratories

The majority of bone graft procedures are performed within minutes. Occasionally, the procedure may take close to an hour. In general, the length of the procedure is approximately proportional to the size of the grafting area. Most of our patients can resume 99% of their daily activities on the same day. At the end of the procedure day, we expect our patients to be able to talk on the phone, meet their family or friends and eat a reasonable dinner.

Very rarely do we need to perform the procedure under sedation. This is used to help anxious patients remember nothing about their dental treatment.