Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Pink healthy gums are the frame for your beautiful smile. As plastic surgeons of the mouth, periodontists, like Dr. Naheed Mohamed at Alliance Dental Specialists, are trained in cosmetic procedures that can help prevent and repair damage to the gum and bone around your teeth.

Smile Alignment/ Periodontal Crown Lengthening

These are cosmetic periodontal procedures that can help you get the smile you desire. For patients that have an uneven gum line, giving the appearance of short teeth, Dr. Naheed Mohamed offers a smile alignment procedure to lengthen the teeth by removing and reshaping the gum tissue. This will result in a more natural and symmetrical smile.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of an uneven gum line or short unsightly teeth; a combination of periodontal crown lengthening and restorative procedures by your dentist, can make a huge difference.

Lip Lowering

When the height and width of the teeth are already the proper size but there is still excessive gingiva, the lip lowering procedure can align the smile to look more natural. Instead of having orthonastic surgery (re-aligning the jaw bone), a simple surgery to lower the lip and restrict its motion will create a more proportional smile.

Soft-Tissue Grafts

Another cosmetic procedure is the soft tissue graft. A gingival graft is designed to solve gum recession problems. A thin piece of tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth or gently moved over from adjacent areas to provide a stable band of attached gingiva around the tooth. The gingival graft may be placed in such a way as to cover the exposed portion of the tooth root.